Post Surgeon Message

Post Surgeon Message October 2017

I hear talk around the Post about medications our members are taking. This might be a good time to offer some insight about some unwanted drug interactions which can be suffered by accident.

When your doctor prescribes medications, he or she does so hoping you have been honest with them about any and all medications you are using. Some may have been prescribed by other physicians or some may be over the counter. Keep in mind that drugs do not always agree with each other and there are times when unexpected and unwanted reactions occur.

Some comments now about taking your medications completely and accountability. Historically, patients have stopped taking their meds when they began to feel better. This happens a lot with antibiotics. Finish the entire prescription unless you experience unexpected reaction. If this occurs immediately contact your doctor and pharmacist. Also make sure you understand the prescription dosage and directions about when and how to take them. If in doubt, demand clarification from your doctor and pharmacist.

Recently, nationally, there has been an increase of overdosing in children. Pediatric dosing must be done exactly. Sometimes, parents and especially grandparents, miscalculate or do not understand the dosing directions. Almost everyone reading this message falls into one or both categories.

Lastly, a comment about drugs and chemicals that themselves are considered toxic to both humans and animals (pets). Over the years, research and evolution has found ways to utilize these drugs/chemicals by altering their potency and combining them with other drugs for new types of diseases management. An example: a diabetes drug developed from the saliva of the Gila monster has been found successful in reducing Parkinson’s Disease symptoms. A controlled study with humans found a statistically significant effectiveness in preserving motor control (movements).

Sources for this message:
a) Numerous medical articles published nationally.
b) Study on the diabetes/Parkinson’s disease drug by:
1. Published study by Thomas Foltynne and Dilan Athauda of the University College, London, in London, England.
2. Drug found with Gila Monster saliva by Dr. John Eng an endocrinologist at Bronx Veterans Affairs Medical Center, in New York.

In conclusion, as always, any personal prescription is ‘good health’ to all.

Greth “Dave” Snyder, HM1
U.S. Navy Hospital Corps.